January 4, 2021

Color Trends 2022: How to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year in Design - Very Peri

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Say hello to Very Peri, Pantone’s Color Trend this year 2022! The color trends 2022 is meant to set the tone for the products industry. It is also expected to have a trickle-down effect that is hoped to last for years.

The Pantone Color Institute announces the next color of the year every December. This color trend forecast is intended to be incorporated into businesses. Many companies use it for marketing and product creation, renewing the colors for marketing materials according to the next color of the year. As the global authority of professional color language standards, Pantone introduced a brand new blue shade for the new Color of the Year selection.

color trends 2022

For the color trends 2022, the chosen color is Very Peri or Pantone shade 17-3938. You can expect to see a flood of visual marketing designs featuring the color of the year 2022 as early as the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Importance of Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Colors are one of the factors why the brain recognizes some traits behind an object, including products and brands. This is why there are colors that the brain instantly associates with certain objects, and why most people are drawn towards products that are appropriately-colored. This is how color psychology works and the reason why marketing people are obsessed about color of the year predictions. 

Both branding and marketing efforts are using science along with aesthetics in order to make campaigns work. Brain associations with colors allow brands to communicate more effectively with the audience. By choosing the ideal color palette for branding, the customers can draw out expectations from the brands. Nearly everyone is choosing trendy colors for their brands because it gives an impression of being relevant with the times.  It is not a coincidence, then, why most companies shift their marketing colors every year, according to the trends. 

Colors are effective at communicating language on an emotional level. They are guaranteed to persuade when used well. It is important in marketing but what is more challenging is to know how to harness color psychology to your advantage. 

color trends 2022
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The Importance of Pantone Color of the Year to Brands

Pantone Institute is in its 23rd year of its Color of the Year Program, and ever since its launch, many brands are on the look-out for its predictions to inspire a new year of marketing efforts. 

For those who are in the marketing and production industries, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) may not be an unfamiliar territory. Printers usually ask your PMS colors to accurately reproduce brand colors and every item that is printed or produced will have the exact color match.

Certain colors trigger emotions and responses and being able to use them properly can convert complicated messages into easy to digest information. It is common to use the psychology of colors as a marketing strategy to trigger emotional and psychological responses that benefit the brand.

Using Pantone Color for Businesses

The Pantone Color of the Year impacts businesses in many ways. It serves as the trends forecaster for both producers and consumers. There is tremendous research made before each color of the year is decided. This means that you are able to save many hours from doing many hours of marketing research to identify what consumers will want on your advertising materials.

By using the new color of the year, your audience will have a better perception of your brand. It will make your brand stand out from your competitors, and will help you achieve the expected response from your target audience.

color trends
Source: pantone.com 

Meaning and Symbolism of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

 The Pantone 17-3938 or Very Peri is a blue-ish shade that is actually a periwinkle blue with an undertone of a vivid violet red. It is both a happy and warm hue that is refreshingly new. The past color trends were chosen from Pantone’s swatch books and this is the first time that a brand new color is created for the annual color of the year.

According to Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, “Very Peri reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place,”. The world is seeing intense changes, from being isolated for months and to the notions and standards of the new normal. “The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that color can hope to answer,” she added. 

Influenced by the global desire to overcome the current pandemic and the long-existing environmental concern, these transformative times have to be faced with a joyous attitude in order for anyone to get by. Very Peri perfectly embodies new beginnings with its courageous presence.

Very Peri has that dynamic presence that can spark creativity and imaginative expression. The carefree confidence that it brings fuels the daring curiosity that enables designers to explore a dynamic virtual world. As the trends in the metaverse change, they also manifest in the physical world. The color trends 2022 set the trends across many industries, including art, technology, textiles, fashion, and many others. It somehow illustrates how Pantone’s color trends are able to blend the digital and physical world together.

Applications: How to Use The Color of the Year in Design

Choosing the next color of the year demands careful consideration and an extensive trend analysis. There are color experts who actually dedicate their time to scrutinize new color influences before arriving at a color that will deeply resonate to future trends.

Very Peri has a futuristic appeal but also looks great on handcrafted goods. This versatility creates a harmony of uninhibited expression and experimentation. Here are several applications to demonstrate how flexible Very Peri is in various fields of design: 

1. Interior Design/Home Décor

Very Peri has an intense energizing quality that heightens awareness of wellness. It gives a sense of playfulness to interior design themes and home décor. Its shade can enliven a space when added in unusual color combinations.  It can be matched to a variety of materials, finishes, and textures. You may add it as an accent to give a painted wall a pop of color.

color trends
2022 color trends
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Very Peri is also great to be combined in other shades. You can pair it with green tones for a nature-inspired living room. Mauve, terra cotta, and other muted shades will also look great with Very Peri and will create a balanced and comforting atmosphere for bedrooms. You can even get away with mixing this shade with bright yellow and hot pink to encourage a fun and creative vibe in kids’ spaces.

Fabrics for curtains, pillows, and other decorative uses can also be incorporated with the Very Peri shade. These are great items to have on hand if you are planning to showcase this color into your home or office space.

2. Fashion Design

This periwinkle shade shows off a youthful vibe. It perfectly matches a prep school style that is foreseen to be the trend for the spring and summer season. Adding contrasting colors, like green and yellow, to asymmetrical and structured fits will make the clothes look bolder, as seen on the Valentino Fall collection

2022 color trends

​​Flowy and billowing dresses in this hue deliver a fresh and easy summer look. Candy-colored shades of Very Peri on accessories, such as cross-body bags, necklaces, eye wears, etc., will round up a chic and sophisticated look.

2022 is also about creating multidimensional outfits, as shown in the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter collection. Metallics and warmer shades create an edgy look that is both modern and dynamic. Even Lady Gaga, who is known for her frivolous style, wore the Very Peri color in a very extravagant and fabulous manner during the UK premiere of House of Gucci.

3. Web and App Design

One of the ways to apply Very Peri in the web and app design industry is by giving vectors and cartoon characters an overall style remake. Avatars are dressed up in trendy outfits featuring the periwinkle hue. Concept illustrations with the Very Peri color scheme are such a delight to see.

2022 color trends
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2022 color trends
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Very Peri expresses credibility and creativity. It displays a good natured warmth that instantly captures attention. This makes it an ideal shade for a variety of multimedia and graphic design applications. Since this color symbolizes resilience and ability to adapt to changes, illustrators are able to show off revolutionary creations that can be enjoyed for the whole year.

Graphic designers may also develop ready-to-use designs using Very Peri templates and sell them to marketing teams. 

4. Marketing and Branding Design

It can be quite expensive and such a risk to completely abolish the established brand colors in favor of new colors that get renewed annually. When it comes to marketing and branding design, the Very Peri hue can be utilized in various marketing materials that have a faster production time and shorter life cycle. You can create ads that feature this color without having to change your existing brand colors. You may play with numerous design concepts in both online and print media. 

Marketing and Branding Design
Source: pantone.com

Since people are expected to gravitate towards this periwinkle shade, it will be a great idea to have social media posts and limited edition products and packaging in this hue.

5. Other Usage

Very Peri represents the eagerness to create. It is a great color to have if you want to experiment about introducing a bold hue in a variety of products. For starters, it is a fun color to add in your workspace accessories. Make your desk clutter-free with stackable compartments in this shade. A  Very Peri toned label for candles, water bottles, and even pet accessories are perfect to enjoy the relaxing violet and lavender tones with these essentials.  

Marketing and Branding Design
Source: pantone.com

For those who are planning to create a new line of products with the Very Peri theme, it can help to note that even Pantone Institute manufactures new products every time a new color of the year is announced. Some examples of these merchandise are mugs, keychains, and specialized color chips. 

6. Newness/Trends

Since the color trends change every year, you can have the Very Peri as the highlight in making a novel statement. The beauty and hair industry will definitely gain a lot from this trend. Creating an entire makeup collection with Very Peri as the inspiration is a great pitch to work into. Eyes, hair, nail, and make up products with the Very Peri hue in various finishes and applications will surely be a hit. 

Marketing and Branding Design
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Home made products and decorative prints may also be incorporated with Very Peri shades. Even the food industry, particularly cakes and pastries, can create delectable-looking Very Peri delicacies.

How to Design with Pantone 17-3938

There are over 10 million designers who rely on Pantone Products and Services to turn color inspiration into realization and keep color consistency across materials for product design. to help out designers in using Very Peri on their designs, the Pantone Color Institute formulated the following four distinct color palettes:

  • Balancing Act. A blend of warm and cool tone colors that compliments Pantone 17-3938. Some of the colors in this palette are Muted Clay, Burnished Lilac, and Granite Green.
  • Wellspring. A pleasant mix of nature-infused hues, such as Foliage, Eggshell Blue, and Treetop.
  • The Star of the Show. This elegant set is composed of neutrals and classic colors like Cloud Dancer, Deep Taupe, and White Sand.
  • Amusements. Although it is generally a serene hue, Very Peri can also be made playful and vibrant with the whimsical colors of Paradise Pink, Tourmaline, and Tawny Orange.
Marketing and Branding Design

Your Turn…

Colors are also considered to be a form of communication and expression. A new color every year is like giving everyone a fresh start. It is a chance to see new trends in lifestyles, socio-economic conditions, and social influences in an innovative perspective.

The color trends 2022 is a seasonal trend that is effective at leveraging the design strategy for brand visual identity. Encompassing a spritely behavior, Very Peri promises a whole year of expansive possibilities in expressing ideas and emotions.