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designstripe in action

Simple, powerful (and fun!) customization tools

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Scene Detail
Scene Detail

Scene detail

Minimal or complex? You get to decide

Add or remove objects from your scene, all while staying on topic and keeping beautiful composition.

Scene detailsVariations exports
Variations exports


Swap and change every object, they all magically fit and work

Not feeling that chair? Swap it out. Want a different pose for a character? We've got you covered!

Product exampleProduct example
Product example

Colour palette generator

Explore limitless color combos and palettes

Add your brand's colors, lock them in place, and let us generate the rest. Or create new palettes from scratch.

Product exampleProduct example
Product example

Look and feel

Stroke only or full color?

Choose the perfect look and feel to match your brand.

Hand-crafted styles for every brand & use-case

With new styles being added constantly

Custom illustrationillustration of a shoe on a blue backgroundIllustration of a chef cooking in a kitchenIllustration of a rocketillustration of a person in a kitchen reading a recipe

Illustrated with designstripe

From big companies, to a small local shops to simple party invitations. We have something for every need!

Illustrations being used in an app design
Illustration of a book titled the Walking club
A picture of an annual report booklet with a designstripe illustration on the front cover