May 30, 2022

Designstripe is a certified B Corp

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We’re proud to have achieved B Corp status. Here’s what it means for the design community.

Our B Corp Status is just the beginning.

Earlier in 2022, designstripe achieved B Corp certification. As one of just over 5,000 B-Corps in existence, it means that we join an inspiring set of companies that share this status. All of them align their daily decisions with the highest social, environmental, and governance best practices set by B Corp guidelines.

The premise of a B Corp is to be conscious as a business, creating a balance between both purpose as well as profit. The high standards that are set by the B Corp guidelines means that we will always push forward in our challenges to improve on making a positive impact as a business.

designstripe was founded with diversity at the heart of our company pillars. Since the day we started, we have always carefully thought about how we can be a force for social good.

An illustration of diverse characters created using designstripe. Our illustrations mirror the difference and diversity we see in the world.

Giving a voice to underrepresented groups is key, and we firmly believe that access to diverse visual assets can make this possible. As we continue to grow, designstripe will always provide creative tools that help people to be heard. As well as the illustrations we produce, we carefully consider the topics we cover to keep promoting equality, inclusivity and diversity at every turn. Our purpose is at the heart of the daily decisions that we make.

“Being a B Corp means that we can truly be accountable to making a positive impact as a business. We’re in great company when it comes to meeting standards for people and planet, and striving to always be better.“

- Francois Arbour, Co-Founder & CEO

We scored the highest in the workers pillar, which measured our approach to initiatives such as career development; health, wellness and safety; engagement; human rights; worker ownership and more.

Here’s a few initiatives we have as a B Corp:

👉 Employees receive a minimum of 3 weeks of paid vacation and get a $1,000 vacation bonus once they’ve taken those days off (which includes at least 5 consecutive days, fully disconnected)

👉 We’ve created 120+ working opportunities (including 50+ full-time jobs) in the last 2 years, throughout 18 different countries -  and this is only growing

👉  We have ongoing well-being training, where we explore a new theme each month. This empowers our team to develop positive new habits around various topics, such as stress & anxiety management, sleep, meditation, exercise, gratitude, nutrition and more.

👉 We are launching a new Pro Bono Impact program to give back to charities and non profits that need our services to voice their causes. You can reach out to us to discuss it via chat.

Our certified B Corp status helps us to achieve our aims, as we continue to be accountable to the highest social and environmental standards. This is only the first step. Now the real work begins to continue improving our impact as we grow! There’s always the opportunity to do more, and we’re delighted that you’re here with us to help shape it.

How you can be a part of the story

We want to make unique, inclusive and great design more accessible, and never compromise on quality. We have big ambitions and want to work with people who believe in the potential of what designstripe can grow to be. We’re looking for talented people all over the globe as we grow. Think you could help us to achieve our mission?

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