February 3, 2022

24 Motion Graphics Trends in 2022

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Motion graphics are more than just cool animations. They are gaining popularity because they are easier to make compared to live-action videos. 

In terms of marketing, a motion graphic is typically used because it is a unique method of communicating information. It is a blend of visual communication, motion storytelling, and audio that creates engaging content. This quality enables brands to tell their stories and reach people in a more compelling way.

When it comes to motion design, you need to understand that the industry of video graphics and animation improves a lot and fast. Technological innovations mostly affect how motion graphic trends emerge. It is also amazing how this type of animation is helping the marketing industry. It is such a great addition to a mix of engaging content, such as articles, infographics, and more.  

Motion graphic trends are fast-evolving which is why you need to be extra-attentive if you want to delve into the new wave of motion design styles. Following the trends would give an impression that you have a good taste.

In this article, you will have an idea how you can use motion graphics to inject modern creativity in a variety of ways and use it to your advantage in the marketing industry.

Upgrade Your Marketing Game with Motion Graphics

Many people are big fans of motion graphics. With its eye-catching quality and a unique way of delivering a message, what is not to love about it, right? Motion graphics is an exceptional blend of visuals that will make any brand present a compelling message. But how exactly do motion graphics help with marketing?

Here are five reasons why motion graphics are special and why you should have them in your marketing materials:

1. Emotionally Captivating. Motion graphics can easily captivate the emotions by mirroring the experiences using powerful voiceovers, stunning visuals, and moody music. This gives you the power to control how a story is told. You can create attention-grabbing animations that the audience can immediately empathize with.

2. They Condense Information. Visual processing is almost instant which is why some people can easily understand information when there are pictures or infographics that accompany the written content. Motion graphics make for a better visual storytelling where the message is simplified and at the same time made more memorable. This reason makes motion graphics the perfect medium to create tutorials, processes, data visualization, and presenting abstract concepts.

3. Provides a Passive Experience. It is not surprising why more people are inclined to watch videos about something rather than read and explore using search engines. Less mental energy is exerted when watching motion graphics and it gives a much enjoyable experience while absorbing the information being presented.

4. Can Be Recycled. Social media marketing is a trend these days and it gives companies a wider audience for their marketing efforts. Motion graphics can be repurposed in many ways which can extend the lifecycle of marketing campaigns.

5. High Impact in a Short Time. The attention spans of those who are on social media are extremely short because they can easily be distracted by a lot of content. Motion graphics can be created to last at least 30 seconds to 3 minutes long, more than enough time to catch and hold attention until the animation is through. This is quite helpful when you need your audience to process crucial information but you do not want them to be bored while doing so.

Motion graphics are special because they can help you tell your brand story in a more entertaining yet not time-consuming way. It makes sending communications more effective and efficient because they are not too demanding to watch and understand.

Where to Use Motion Graphics

What makes motion graphics incredibly useful in the marketing industry is that they can be used across many applications. There are plenty of ways to have motion graphics at all touchpoints, such as:

  • Traditional ads: both online or television advertisements.
  • Promotional videos: you can create viral videos, product reviews, testimonials, or any videos that will publicize your brand.
  • Social Media Content: Motion graphics are the perfect social media content because they can be both entertaining and educational. It is also easier to share content on social media so your animations can have a wider reach.
  • Explainer videos: Motion graphics are great with condensing information so you can use them to create product tutorials, overviews, introductions, etc.
  • Sales collateral: The sales team can produce motion graphics for information that they often use to close sales. This can be in the form of presentations where they are able to save time and energy compared to personally explaining things over and over.

It would be such a treat for graphic designers to be aware of the new motion graphic design trends for 2022. This would allow them to fully utilize motion graphics and explore the exciting opportunities that they bring.

20+ Motion Graphics Trends

Although trends come and go, the popularity of motion graphics may stay for a long time. It is the perfect middle ground to live-action videos and plain static content as they are short but informative.

In order to make the perfect one for your next project, here are over twenty motion graphics that you need to be aware of this 2022:

1. Animated Collage

Image Source: Cansu Zafer

Combining illustrations, photos, and digital footage may sound too much but it does make a crafty-looking content. When combined, these visuals are able to create a cohesive story that is energetic and hypnotizing.

2. Kinetic Typography

Text and fonts are crucial elements of motion graphics. Kinetic typography elevates it to the next level by giving a head-turning effect that will be great for advertisements, title sequences, music videos, and even for websites. Check out more examples here.

3. Glitch

Image Source: Ann Homeniuk

Among highly popular motion graphic trends that we see today is the use of glitch effects. They may seem imperfect but adding distortions, digital noise, and disruption actually deliver an edgy aesthetic that is appealing to both young and older generations.

4. Isometric Designs and Shapes

Although isometric designs and shapes are usually used on technical drawings, they can also be utilized to create a 3D feel to 2D animations. This type of shape enables the viewers to see a unique perspective because they add a playful personality and more depth to the design. 

5. Grain Effects & Texture

Just like glitch, grain and textures are usually seen as imperfections. But this “noise” actually looks great when highlighting an analogue aesthetic effect to motion graphics.

6. Morphing

Image Source: Aidar Robin

Among unique motion graphic trends is morphing and it refers to an effect where animations are combined through seamless transitions. It gives a streamlined effect that looks smooth yet vivid. The effect also works as a visual magnet. It makes the audience anticipate how the video ends so this can be useful when you are trying to boost your SEO where you need to keep the viewer glued to your pages. 

7. Liquid Motion

Adding a water-like quality and consistency to motion graphic movements is called liquid motion technique. The result is a modern psychedelic art that was popular back in the 1960s. It is usually combined with swirly typography to emphasize the moving liquid effect. 

8. 3D Motion Graphics

Inserting 3D elements on motion graphics give any presentation a much livelier feel. The 3D elements do not only emphasize crucial parts of the video but they also make it more entertaining for the viewers. 

9. Combine 2D and 3D

Integrating 2D and 3D animation produces a unique style that is more enjoyable. This style can be done both in large and small-scale productions. 

10. Broken Text

Fragmented text makes the text parts of a video look poetic and more positive. Many designers are experimenting with it and are able to play around with different effects to further highlight the message. 

11. Modern VFX

Complex visual effects do not only excite the viewers but it also gives the motion design a sophisticated appeal. VFX like firestorm and explosions add a professional touch that is more eye-catching than without.

12. Animated Logos

Image Source: MaxKravchenko

Logos in motion can easily capture attention than static logos. With so many companies switching to online business models, it can be such a struggle to achieve an unforgettable online presence. Animating branding materials help by giving the brand a more attractive and dynamic appeal. Logos can be added with an assortment of effects to inject a sense of movement that looks exciting and can entice the viewers into discovering more about the brand. 

13. Seamless Transitions

A smooth flow of videos give an animation a more natural touch. There are advanced technologies that can be used to minimize the cuts for seamless transitions that look professional. 

14. Thin Lines Motion

Lines are used in the design industry to give a sense of direction, emphasize the shape, dictate a mood, and more. As for motion graphics, lines are used to create original drawings with a hand-drawn effect to them. The result is an adorable animation style that is distinct.

15. Retro/Nostalgia

A retro effect is used to give a design a nostalgic feel. Motifs are added to define an era and combine it with other styles to create a modern effect but with a sense of nostalgia. 

16. Web and Apps

Unattractive sites do not engage the viewers into exploring the content. One way to retain visitors is to make them enjoy the browsing experience through animated logos and lively graphics. 

17.  Huge and Bold Typography

Large and bold fonts are typically used to emphasize the important texts of a message. Adding huge and bold typography to motion graphic designs enable brands to communicate their message better. 

18. Digital-Surrealism

Spectacular visuals that look oddly familiar are what digital surrealism is made of. They make the viewer curious about the objects that are used in the animation and what or how it would be transformed into something else. 

19.  Gradients

Trendy color transitions are big these days mainly because many established corporations, like Instagram and Stripe, are having them in their designs. The vibrant colors are used for backgrounds, illustrations, and UI to make the design more lively and appealing. 

20.  Fantasy Motion Graphics

Mixing fantastical characters in design is so popular due to the rise of mythical movies and TV series. Magical landscapes give a design an otherworldly feel which is why they are also a well-liked idea for video graphics. 

21.  Virtual Reality

Superior quality surreal effects give no limit to the creativity of designers. The projected value of the virtual reality market is $44.7 billion by 2024. This makes it unsurprising for graphic designers to explore what they can offer to the public when it comes to combining virtual reality effects and motion graphics. 

22.  Vertical Animations

The use of vertically-inclined devices paved the way for graphic designers to create vertical animations that made more sense when viewed vertically. Only a few users are inclined to turn their devices horizontally so most brands tend to create vertical videos in order not to lose the viewers’ interest. 

23.  New Minimalism

An advanced form of minimalism, this motion graphics style is achieved by stripping down text components and adding textures, fluid styles, loopable sound, etc. 

24.  Self-Drawing Lines

This technique results in a more serious and calming effect where a thin line can be seen forming into logos, figures, words, and other impressions.

Despite the trends, what you must always consider when creating motion graphics is the nature of your video. These motion graphic trends can only look good only if it matches with the right concept. You have to thoroughly check if the trend that you like will make your animation look good or not. There is a high chance for most of these graphics to not work in your favor and will only make the video look overproduced in a bad way.

It's your turn…

Motion graphics give a brief yet informative experience in a stimulating way. It is an ideal form of content because it can easily be digested and would be fun to share to others. They are a powerful tool but can only be effective if you are able to harness its concept wisely. Using these graphic motion trends might be the one that you need to spice up your content and impress your target audience.