December 16, 2021

10 Reasons Why Digital Illustrations are Effective in Marketing

digital illustrations in marketing

Digital illustrations can be used to tell a story, convey an emotion, present an idea, or sell a service or product.

Using images in marketing is nothing new, especially with digital marketing. People are naturally inclined to use visuals when trying to prove or show a point. Images can speak a thousand words. They can communicate narratives in ways that words cannot. With illustrations, using vivid imagery in marketing will help amplify the message. This helps the consumer to better understand and appreciate the brand.

Image Source: Arina Pramudita

Many companies recognize the need to provide quality content to their consumers. Of course, this includes plenty of images to gain their attention. We're now living in a fast-paced digital world. This means that the demand for images and graphics has been astoundingly high. They've been used for websites, social media, blogs, and much more.

10 Reasons Why Illustrations are Effective in Digital Marketing

Why is it important to recognize the importance of illustrations in marketing? This is because they are a great tool at your disposal. Illustrations are versatile and can be used across different types of campaigns. Modern advertising is all about creativity. Illustrations come in handy in achieving that creativity.

Compelling, customizable graphics and illustrations are a great example. They can be used across a range of marketing strategies. Here are 10 reasons why illustrations can make your digital marketing campaigns:

1. Illustrations foster emotional connections in an instant. 

There are some key differences between graphic design and illustrations. The latter is more about giving a creative visualization of the story or message. Designers are able to create emotional connections by playing with different illustration styles. Emotions, for example, can be depicted in the character’s facial expressions. The colors used also contribute to setting the tone of the story.

There are some key differences between graphic design and illustrations. The latter is more about giving a creative visualization of the story or message. Designers are able to create emotional connections by playing with different illustration styles. Emotions, for example, can be depicted in the character’s facial expressions. The colors used also contribute to setting the tone of the story.

Illustrations foster emotional connections in an instant
Image Source: Headspace

2. They simplify complex ideas.

The best way to explain complex processes is through pictures. Graphic designs and illustration create visual appeal. It also helps avoid the visual being boring. With illustrations, ideas can be communicated more effectively. Audiences are entertained by the visuals. They can also learn about the ideas behind the design.

This makes illustration an effective tool to educate consumers about products and services. For one, it can prevent information overload. It is also a more entertaining alternative to a wall of text that you'd expect in a classroom setting. Illustrations can make complex ideas relaxed, informal and sometimes comic. The key thing is that they can be enjoyable for the audience.

3. Effective illustrations quickly attract attention.

Illustrations are great to use for catchy messages. This is because they resonate well with the viewers. They act as the better tools to grab hold of the audiences’ attention without being too pushy.

There are thousands of ways that you can make illustrations extra special. To be attractive, they must consider your target audience. It is then easier to build a connection with them. This helps to gain their interest and encourage them to look at your brand more deeply.

Image Source: Togetherdesign

4. They dramatically improve your content.

 Carefully crafted content can often be accompanied by attractive illustrations. Content with mostly text and simple graphics isn't great fun to read. Illustrations make the experience better by entertaining readers and better explaining the content.

Offering better content will give you plenty of benefits. A key one is building a loyal customer base. Giving your audience exceptional content reflects your brand values. An example is a passion to deliver the best quality products and services.

5. You can do without too much text.

Aside from it being boring, a wall of text is just a waste of time to many people. Everyone likes everything fast, and that includes learning about new products and services. Illustrations let you avoid bombarding the consumer with these dreaded text walls.

Entertaining illustrations will make the customer journey more exciting. This allows them to see a simplified yet aesthetic version of the brand’s message.

visual illustration
Image Source: Outcrowd

6. Custom illustrations improve communication.

It's not always easy to convey a message. Certain meanings can get lost in translation. Illustrations can improve this. Getting the imagery right can get rid of misconceptions and make your message more clear. The brain works fantastically at interpreting and recognizing patterns. So our perspective as a storyteller is better translated when we use illustrations.

7. They help build and strengthen brand identity.

​​One of the important steps in building brand identity is crafting the brand story. Illustrations are great at conveying brand values and mission through digital storytelling. You can create illustrations using styles that are unique to your brand. This would allow the audience to quickly incline the style to your brand. 

It is important to stay consistent with your styles if you want to strengthen your brand identity. Your goal is to make the audience recognize your values and associate them with your brand. 

visual illustration
Image Source: Berin Holy

8. They both inform and persuade consumers.

As we know, illustrations are perfect at informing customers about products and services. They're also great at persuading them to choose your brand over the competition. It can create brand awareness so that the audiences are more well-informed. This is important for the increasingly well-informed consumer.

Illustrations will make the consumers aware of the information that they need. They can then decide if they want to connect with your brand. This is the crucial part. We want to achieve our brand goals by getting a response. Even positive feedback on your illustrations is valuable. It means that you are imprinting your brand to the customer’s memory enough to get a response.

Whilst the buying journey can be a long process, getting customer awareness is a good start. Through repetition, they will gain confidence through knowing you. Eventually, many of them will convert to customers if they believe in your value to them.

9. Avoids typical and overused stock photos.

Many of the photos used for digital marketing are generic. The interest easily wears off when the same images are seen across different brands. Avoiding stock photos shows you're willing to go the extra mile. This can set you aside from a competitor who's used stock photos.

Illustrations offer more opportunities to be creative, too. In the end, customers will most likely appreciate your effort. You brand can definitely be favored simply because you are unique.

Image Source: Drawkit

10. They make the audience aware of your brand/marketing message. 

Advertising is meant to attract customers into choosing your products. Whilst there are many ways to advertise, it can be difficult to grab the users’ attention. This is especially true when marketing across different channels.

Illustrations help you to use your opportunity to attract the audience. Once you capture their attention, you can make them aware of your marketing message. Knowing how to use illustrations across your campaigns will impact your brand's visibility. It can deliver better results in your quest to get your brand message across.  


Adding illustrations to your campaigns increase attention and awareness of your brand. Words are critical to marketing campaigns, but illustrations are a great reinforcement. The words about your brand are bolstered by stunning illustrations. A wall of text is informative, but the illustration helps to make the message clear and memorable.

There's plenty of tools available to create custom illustrations for your brand. Many of these tools don’t even need in-depth knowledge of graphic design and illustration.

The powers of graphic design and illustration are impressive. They can transform complex narratives into simple, creative information. They are undisputed at building a brand identity. So, it's really worth looking into how to use them in your marketing.