March 11, 2022

How to Hire Remote Designers

hire remote designers

Know what you can get out of hiring remote designers for your company.

A graphic designer is a necessary hire whether you are starting up a business or it is time to expand. Finding one, however, can be challenging as it is both costly and time-consuming. This is most especially true when you are aiming to hire the best designer for your team. On the upside, there are thousands of designers who are looking for remote job positions. Their skill sets vary greatly so there is a need to be extra careful once you decide to hire from this pool.

The graphics design industry has blown up so much in recent years. It would be such a bummer to know that most of the best designers are already hired by top enterprises. In all seriousness though, there are thousands of talented designers out there whose talents are just waiting to be tapped by the right companies.

This guide will help you hire remote designers who have the necessary skills and experience to bring your business to the next level.

Why Hire Remote Designers?

Before COVID-19, people used to believe that remote design positions are limited to jobs that are to be done part-time, something that one does on weekends or during night shifts. Although this was true then, everything changed during the pandemic. It is now common among companies to hire remote designers for full-time positions. Now that we are in the “new normal”, many industries have come to realize that there are plenty of benefits to hiring remote workers.

These are the most important benefits that you gain for hiring remote designers:

1.  Hire from Anywhere

Because work is done remotely, you have the chance to work with only the best ones from anywhere in the world. You are not limited to having local talents. Simply post an ad on your web pages or hire remote designers from job sites and you will have a designer that can be an asset to your business.

2. They Require Less Supervision 

Most of those who are used to working on their own are able to develop their confidence through little to no supervision. There’s no need to worry too much about onboarding the new hire to the company. Remote workers value their autonomy which is quite empowering. The freedom and flexibility allows them to work in an ideal environment that nurtures their talents. It will be most likely that you will hire someone who already possesses the skills and strengths that your team needs.

3. Remote Designer Jobs are Cost-efficient

What most start-ups struggle with at the beginning of a project are the budget constraints. Hire someone from countries with lower cost of living and you can significantly cut down the budget intended for salary.  You will be able to afford hiring a full-time designer at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-office counterpart. This is significant to those who are working on a limited budget but is desperate to get a talented designer for the project.

This reason could also be applied on minimizing overhead costs. You do not need to have a huge office space or purchase a lot of office supplies. Having remote workers on the team also lessens sick leaves which can cost companies up to $1,800 per employee every year.

4. They are More Productive

According to some surveys, remote workers are likely to be more productive by up to 91% compared to office-based employees. The reason is that there is less distraction when working on home-based set-up. The noise levels are more controlled compared to an office with plenty of colleagues. There’s also no chance of having officemates dropping by other desks. Another reason why remote workers become more productive is that they are able to work to their strengths. They can create a routine that works for them so they can intelligently control a schedule that compliments their lifestyle.

5. Increases Employee Retention

Most employees complain about the hassles of commuting to and from work. The work-from-home work model is a tempting option that will actually make employees to stick around with the company for years. This would allow you to attract and retain the best talent that can help make your business flourish.

Qualities that Remote Designers Must Possess

Graphic design is a veteran’s sport. This means that experience is the most necessary wisdom and one that should not be taken for granted when you hire remote designers. But more than this, there are certain traits that you have to be very particular about so that you can pick the right one for your team.

  • Technical skills

Must be able to utilize design programs and tools that your team uses, such as Adobe Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. A designer who is skilled and has plenty of experience in a variety of design programs will surely produce the best quality output.

  • A good portfolio

A stunning portfolio is the ultimate proof of a candidate’s design skills and style. It will reveal the strengths of the designer, the extent of skills, and the personal style. You can see at this point whether the designer is a good fit to your company or not.

  • Right artistic style

Although designers are generally flexible in nature, you have to see what aesthetics does a potential candidate favors. It will be a huge plus if you can have someone who can execute without hesitation and adapt to the style that you want.

  •  Attention to detail

This trait is non-negotiable. Because the designer works remotely, it is a must that all instructions are accurately carried out and necessary revisions are also strictly followed. The finished product should match up to your expectations and have to be consistent at doing so.

  • Time management skills

The most common challenge of working remotely is that you tend to have a lot of time in your hands. You have to be very particular at deadlines in order to complete projects in a timely manner. Choose a candidate who can describe the work process that he or she intends to follow and can emphasize the importance of completing everything, including revisions, before the deadline.

  • Excellent communication skills

Another challenging aspect of having remote workers is communication. You need to pick someone who does not only communicate ideas and visions well but is also able to listen well. You should also include having a strong written communication skills since you will most likely to be communicating through emails all the time.

  • Independent decision making capacity

Working long-distance has its perks but also challenges. One of these challenges includes not being in the same time-zones. You must have someone who has the ability to troubleshoot, make simple decisions, and solve problems even when you can’t be reached.

  • Ability to prioritize

Again, you can’t always be there for a remote staff, especially if you are world’s apart. Someone who has the knack to stay focused and organized despite an influx of work will be a real gem to your team.

  • Reliable

A remote worker should always be visible and must be able to make the rest of the team feel that he is there. Needless to say, he should respond to messages and be of help whenever there are urgent tasks, especially when you need someone to step forward if another team member can’t complete a task for any reason.

  •  Resourceful

Hire remote designers who are passionate at learning. They should be motivated to use their extra time for personal growth. A resourceful designer can help bring a lot of creative inputs for your projects.

Your Responsibilities in Hiring Remote Designers

Graphic design is worth investing and one way to get smart about it is by hiring qualified designers. If you need to hire remote designers, it is crucial that you also know about your responsibilities in the recruitment process.

Define what you are looking for. You have to understand that, although they can be flexible and do any design, designers also have their specializations. You have the upper hand in the hiring process so you can always be specific on the type of designer that you need. This will also let you save time and focus on candidates who are aligned with your selection criteria.

Know the project timeframe. Are going to hire for a specific project only or is the designer going to be for keeps? Knowing the project timeframe can help you make the decision to hire either a full-time designer or a freelancer for the job. You definitely need to consider a permanent designer if the project will require on-going maintenance or future updates.

Consider your budget. Designers can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Set a budget early on so you can narrow down your candidates who offer their services by the hour or for specific rates.

Examine portfolios with caution. A good design generally excites but you should not be overly enthusiastic when looking at stunning portfolios. Your job is to examine the skills and expertise applied by the designer in the designs. You need to be comfortable with the artistic style used or you will be arguing about it later on when your expectations are not met.

Reach out to previous clients. Many hiring managers choose to skip this part but there’s no better way to learn more about a potential new hire than talking with previous clients. You can go over the reviews and testimonials part of the portfolio then find if there’s any information about how you can contact the persons in it. You may then proceed with sending an email asking for a few minutes of their time to answer some questions about your candidate. You can then either cross the candidate off your list or move on to the rest of the recruitment process.

As you may have noticed, your due diligence is also required to ensure that you are hiring the best remote designer.

How To Attract the Most Qualified Remote Designer

When you have decided to hire remote designers, the next crucial task is having the most qualified one for your team. Understand that when you expand your talent pool, you also get bigger competition. You can expect for the best talents to be also choosy with whom they extend their services to. A lot of companies are clamouring for their talents so you must be able to offer them something that they can resist.

1. Propose the latest trainings and get licensed software. Visual designers are very keen on the tools that they use. A premium subscription means having access to most-sought-after features. Having the chance to advance their technical knowledge through trainings is also a huge factor that designers consider when looking for a job. These things would make designers glad and would seriously consider your team.

2. Allow creative freedom. As creative individuals, one of the things that get to the designers’ nerves is restrictions. Although you have specific needs, you also need to consider making room for freedom of expression as this will help motivate the designer to create outstanding designs. Emphasize that you will try to meet halfway between your requirements and the designer’s style preference. You will gain a positive regard for this and you can expect to have a healthy collaborative work relationship in the future.

3. Encourage a collaborative decision-making process. Many designers are also open to suggestions. They will be interested if you are promoting brainstorming sessions. Knowing that newbies can comfortably discuss their thoughts with the rest of the team and senior designers is kind of appealing.


Where to Find Remote Designers

You might be wondering whether or not the best designers will come knocking on your doors. Truth of the matter is that they usually won’t. More than half of the hiring process comes from your end. It generally starts with knowing where to look.

Here are three places where you can find and hire the best designer that you are looking for:

1. Freelancing Platforms

Freelancers are also referred to as digital nomads because they keep on wandering where to find work next. Usually, they get hired for some tasks and they are gone once they’re done. So if you are hiring someone on a project basis, the best platform to seek out freelancers is Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and other similar websites. These are great platforms to dive into since there are thousands of talented freelancers waiting to be hired. But, of course, remember about your due diligence and take into consideration several qualities of the designer.

2. Remote Recruitment Agencies

Remote work is embraced across industries, and fortunately, it brings plenty of benefits to companies. This is why there are many remote placement agencies sprouting around, including ones for design professionals. Toptal, Robert Half, and Adecco are just some of these agencies. You can connect with thousands of design professionals from all over the world through their services.

3. Social Media

Yes, you read it right. Social media platforms offer a ton of benefits, including connecting you with the right people to do remote designing jobs. Tech savvy design professionals are quick to see about the power of social media in showcasing abilities and talents. There are plenty of designer communities in Twitter and Facebook if you are looking for someone talented and want to easily reach them through their profiles. LinkedIn is also proven to be a favourite among recruiters.

Recruitment Process

Now that you are fully aware of your responsibilities as a recruiter, qualities of a designer that you are looking for and where to seek for them, it is not time to learn about the basic recruitment process of hiring remote designers.

1. Post Job Ads

Post a detailed job ad on job boards, social media communities, your website, etc. Hiring remote designers starts here so you have to put up an ad that is both attractive and interesting in order to attract top talents to respond.

2. Interview

Once you have perused thoroughly the application letters and resumes, you have to schedule interviews with potential candidates. Try to get to know the job seekers, observe their personality through the way they answer questions, ask about their preferred methods of designing, and other general topics. Take this as an opportunity to examine their communication skills which is also important even when working remotely.

3. Testing

Dedicate a portion during the interview for a few tasks. Ask them to design something according to your instructions. This will allow you to see whether they can easily grasp the context of a project, observe their design process, and check their skills.

Technically, following this process is significant to hiring someone who is not only qualified to do the job but also one that you can get along with at work, albeit remotely. Being able to choose well will significantly impact the overall dynamics of your team so make sure to have one that will really work with you.


More people are now looking for remote work opportunities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are still not convinced of its efficiency but having a remote team proved to have plenty of advantages.

As accountable and grown-up human beings, we are often faced with life-changing decisions that usually involve our careers and personal lives. Family comes first but with the right job, you can always find balance. When you hire remote designers, you are giving someone the opportunity to move forward with their career goals but without sacrificing quality family time. It is actually a win-win situation on your end since you get to have an inspired staff that can help your business move up.

What you need to remember is that you have to be flexible in this work model and be aware of the salient points of hiring someone remotely. Identify the qualities that are essential to your team, follow the recruitment process and you may be on your way to having a committed and highly talented designer in your team.