January 4, 2021

20+ Amazing 3D Designers to Follow on Instagram in 2022

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The only way to keep up with the new techniques in 3D design rendering is to follow great 3D designers who showcase their latest projects on social media, especially Instagram.

Social redefined how the art and design industry does business. Social networking sites are used for a ton of purposes, from virtual exhibitions to making sales. Design principles are being introduced to the world, regardless whether or not the audience has a background in design. The traditional perception of design has been challenged and various kinds of artists and mediums have emerged.

In this remarkable evolution of art and design, a new era of techniques have been explored and presented for the digital world to admire. One of the most groundbreaking disciplines that show an explosion of unique ideas is 3D design.

What is 3D Design?

A three-Dimensional, or simply 3D, design is exciting. It has an otherworldly presence that is just captivating. A 3D design is one that allows a person to view multiple dimensions of design pieces via a two-dimensional plane. Popular applications in the art world include sculpture and 3D printing. Publications also use 3D photos to create realistic spreads.

For centuries, the only known three-dimensional art pieces are sculptures. This kind of art form has continually evolved and has seen many breakthroughs in the different periods of art history. It was in the 20th century that unconventional art mediums became such a thing, thanks to the progressive art movements by artists who explored modern methods to express their artistic principles. Installation art became popular and became a contemporary variant of 3D media.

As artists became liberated from the grasps of classic art dominance, the shift to 3D art became a norm. African sculptures and Aztec masks were common inspirations by 3D artists. Innovative 3D art forms, like performance and installation, also helped turn the 3D medium into a large-scale art movement.

Aside from creativity, most 3D artists use modern software to create photo realistic and abstract visuals. This process is called 3D rendering that is somewhat similar to how photography and cinematography is done. It is the same in terms of staging scenes and using lighting to produce images. The only difference is that with 3D rendering, everything needs to be created on the computer.

3D Design

The Difference Between 2D and 3D Design

Both 2D and 3D designs can be lifelike. But while 2D art is limited in terms of being shown on a flat surface, 3D art incorporates other elements, such as height, width, and depth, to create realistic imagery. Pottery and sculptures are 3D art while drawings and photographs are 2D art examples.

At first, modern 3D design was depicted in the streets as chalk paintings on sidewalks and streets. As this style grew in popularity, modern artists, particularly graphic designers, have used 3D art beyond the canvas, galleries, and the street. 3D art became a favorite subject in the digital industry. Computer generated visual media were given 3D treatments as the public became more accepting of this digitization of 3D designs. There are many modern design processes involved in bringing 3D designs to the digital world and it is quite refreshing to note that it has immensely changed the way we experience 3D art today.

3D Design and Social Media

Many artists swear by their own techniques and styles that they were able to develop through years of practice. One thing that is common among them is their dedication to perfect even the smallest of details using high levels of focus and creative expertise. The 3D discipline continues to mesmerize the public and this can be seen across digital platforms, specifically social media.

It is easy to get discovered on social networking sites because the majority of internet users have at least one account at the most popular platforms. Instagram, for example, has millions of users all over the world and this means millions of opportunities to show commendable artworks. This is probably why many artists maintain social media profiles for their art. 

Just like how the whole art industry has evolved to accommodate digitalization, the 3D design world also has new trends and techniques that are introduced almost every day. Many subcategories have emerged, such as Hyper Realism, Motion Capture technology, Architectural Visualization, and Character and Creature Riggs to name a few.

A handful of 3D rendering software is also materializing from all over the world. They come with many plugins and scripts that tend to be confusing to use, even with experienced artists. The only way to keep up with the new techniques in 3D design rendering is to follow great 3D designers who showcase their latest projects on social media, especially Instagram.

20+ Amazing 3D Designers in Instagram 

3D designers and illustrators are able to see the world in a different way and what makes them unique is that they are able to recreate their views into beautiful art creations that people can share and love.

As the best platform to check out this revolutionary art form, we present over 20 3D designers that are making waves in Instagram:

1. Francisco Rossi 

3D Designers in Instagram

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rossi is a renowned 3D digital artist who is quite popular for his recognizable style. Advanced 3D modeling software is used in combination with Photoshop in order to bring his ideas to life. He is very open-minded in the use of new tools while exploring traditional art to create interesting artworks.

2. Roman Bratschi

3D Designers in Instagram

As a talented 3D illustrator and animator, Roman Bratschi uses natural shapes and patterns for inspirations. He is very particular at having complementary colors on his designs. He has more than 15 years of experience doing 3D art and has joined the ranks of the most famous graphic designers in the world. His aesthetic style has led to his being a frequent choice for branding projects of some of the biggest global companies, like Samsung, Apple, and many more.

3. Nicole Wu 

3D Designers in Instagram

Surreal landscapes with outer space components are the distinct features that you can frequently see among Nicole Wu’s Instagram feed. Her 3D compositions have that quality to transport your mind to see a new space. Her artistry gives meaning to the word “escapism” as you magically get immersed in the soft and effervescent artworks that display her unique metaphysical views.

4. Jeremiah Shaw

3D Designers in Instagram

As a San Francisco based 3D artist, Jeremiah Shaw has an endless resource of inspiration which is very evident on the wild mix of compositions in his Insta feed. He is a design manager at Apple so you can expect this man to offer plenty of creativity in his 3D renderings.

5. César Pelizer

3D Designers

Primarily an animation director, Pelizer also excels at 3D design. His Insta feed is full of his phenomenal 3D artistry. He uses a consistent color palette to showcase his work that is recognizably aesthetic.

6. Mohamed Chahin 

3D Designers

This artist likes to explore and you can see it in his 3D designs with a variety of textures, shades, styles, and characters. Every rendering inspires a new adventure that the viewers can actually feel. He does this by putting emotions in the eyes of the characters that he creates.

7. Leticia Reinaldo 

3D Designers

Born in Brazil but a resident in Los Angeles, Leticia Reinaldo is quite adept at creating 3D cartoonish characters. She is a modeling and texturing artist who tries to improve her skills by accepting all sorts of orders. She is currently connected with the gaming industry where she created a lot of the Overwatch game characters by Blizzard Entertainment.

8. Alexy Préfontaine

3D Designers

Alexy first delved into 3D art as a young musician who needed to design mind-blowing covers for his songs. He uses regular scenes for inspiration then tries to transform them into surreal scenes. He adds emotions to his characters by utilizing 3D generated human models. His distinctive style of using bizarre backdrops made his works recognizable.

9. Maxim Shkret

3D Designers

As an animal lover, Maxim shows his interest by depicting animal imagery in his 3D renderings. He has been in the design industry for more than 10 years and he is quite popular with the younger generation. This is due to his willingness to share his knowledge, especially his 3D artist portfolio with most of his amazing 3D works.

10. Cornelius Dämmrich 

3D Designers

This Cologne, Germany-based artist deserves the title of being one of the best 3D digital artists because of his moving compositions. He has perfected his style of manipulating light sources to highlight items and draw out feelings from his work. By using real places as backgrounds, he is able to render realistic 3D compositions.

11. Billelis

3D Designers

Dark visuals and decorative art are the significant features of this UK-born artist. He combines symbolic objects and dark backgrounds for his compositions. He is also very particular with details as you can see from his 3D art featuring religion, baroque, gothic, and classical themes.

12. Prateek Vatash

3D Designers

Vatash is a digital artist who combines 2D and 3D techniques to create beautiful artworks. Some notable features of his work include neon, vintage, geometry, and architecture. This wild range of interests allows him to play with different vibrant color mixes.

13. Raphael Rau

Top 3D Designers

By using textures, shadows, and light patterns, Rau is able to come up with realistic renders that are classified to be as photorealism. He is mostly oriented as a 3D game artist but is also active in various marketing and visualization projects.

14. Jonathan Quintin

Top 3D Designers

This artist draws inspiration from cosmic bodies. He is passionate about the outer space and this is very evident in his futuristic designs. His forte is more on embellishing his work with plenty of neon and candy-colored details. He is quite a master of his craft, given that he has been commissioned to do adverts for Tommy Hilfiger and Mitsubishi Motors.

15. Annibale Siconolfi

Top 3D Designers

Dystopian cityscapes are quite a popular theme for Annibale’s stunning 3D portfolio. These sci-fi scenes do not only show ultra-modern environments but also suggestive of several environmental concerns, like overpopulation, global warming, and pollution.

16. Josh Pierce 

Top 3D Designers

As a motion designer and 3D artist, Pierce highlights surreal themes that are set on sublime landscapes. He gained recognition from the digital art industry because of his impeccable use of color and outstanding compositions.

17. Kaiwan Shaban

Top 3D Designers

Like many people who learned a craft or two during the pandemic, Kaiwan is able to develop her talent in creating 3D designs during the COVID-19 outbreak. He is a photographer by profession and has a background in cinematography which he applied in making distinct neo-noir artworks.

18. Eliseo H. Zubiri

Top 3D Designers

Blending tones is Zubiri’s forte. He is an art director and designer who is from Argentina and who has collaborated with many filmmakers and global companies, like Microsoft and Spitfire Audio. His cinematic visions are often harmonized by a dreamy and muted palette.

19. Dizzy Viper

Top 3D Designers

An artist with a unique name definitely needs to be checked out, especially when it is along Dizzy Viper’s caliber. He is so dedicated to honing his 3D skills that he made at least one artwork every single day for more than five years!

20. Seventh Voyage

Top 3D Designers

If you are looking for a diverse portfolio, then, Seventh Voyage’s profile is a delight to visit. It is like a wonderland set in a 3D world but with undertones of horror and action movie vibes.

21. Perry Cooper

Top 3D Designers

An American 3D motion graphic designer, Cooper is consistent at using vibrant shades of pastel and fluorescent colors. His extensive portfolio of 3D motion graphics is a product of his being in the 4D cinema industry for almost 20 years. 

Take away… 

There’s no denying how 3D design is taking the art industry by storm. Social media pages of 3D artists are bursting with followers and countless appreciations for their unique and exciting art style. We hope that these Instagram profiles of notable 3D design greats inspire you in pursuing your 3D design endeavors.

Know about other inspiring 3D artists on Instagram? Feel free to share in the comment section!