Illustrations of mid autumn festival

Chinese Mooncake
Chinese Hanging Lantern
House-Shaped Lantern
Lantern With Medallions
Three Dragon Dancers
Candy Cane
Festive Mug
Dragon Costume
Live Turkey
Low Table
Padded Stool
Flying Pigeon
Two Angled Drumsticks
Couch Or Loveseat
End Table On Its Side
Fruit Cake
Stool Or Table
Stool Or Table
Two Door Cabinet
Star Handheld Wand
Lantern With Stick
Mooncake Slice
Hanging Square Decoration
Lantern With Diamonds And Flowers
Boy In Cap Holding Fish Lantern
Small Hanging Lantern With  Fringe
Crescent Moon With Tassel
Boy In Cap And Belted Jacket
Woman In Qipao With Bows Holding Lantern
Lantern Hanging On Stick
Woman In Qipao With Bows
Fish Decoration Hanging From Stick
Three Mooncakes On A Plate
Boy Wearing Tangzhuang
Man In Belted Jacket Facing To The Side And Lifting Leg
Girl In Qipao With Hair Buns
Flower Shaped Mooncake
Hanging Square Decoration With Tassel
Lantern With Tassel
Round Lanterns
Lantern Flying With Trail
High Stool
High Stool
Basic Bar Stool
High Stool
Wooden Cabinet With Two Doors
Wooden Cabinet With Two Doors
Chinese Dragon Lantern
Dancers With A Dragon
Chinese Paper Lantern
Chinese Paper Lantern
Sitting Woman In A Kimono
Woman In A Kimono
Flower Shaped Cakes On A Floral Plate
Chinese Dragon Puppet With Flower
Chinese Dragon Head